Roots stands apart, with an emphasis on collaborative design. Our team not only applies the highest standards of horticulture and design, but also loves to listen.

Each property that we service has a unique touch;

fit to the preference, taste and style of each individual customer.



We come to you, walk the property together and hear your dream.  Give us a brief time to compile a vision in making it all a reality.

Hand rendered drawings available by request.



With experience installing hundreds of unique landscapes, we ensure you a quality installation that you, your family and your friends will love for years to come.

Anything from plants to patios to pergolas.



The landscaping investment must be properly cared for. Our horticultural background ensures quality care throughout the year.

All-inclusive annual maintenance programs are our specialty.

Height, color and texture.


Three important elements in creating contrast and drawing the eye.  Houston supports a wide variety of plant materials to do just that.


Rochow 966 IMG 08_1_1.jpg

Patios provide flow, function and aesthetics.


Cement pavers, flagstone and gravel spaces allow you and your guests to move through your space. 

The proper application provides the perfect space to relax, dine and entertain outdoors. Utilizing the right material in your space will make your space inviting and welcoming.



Planning and Design


After meeting with each client, we sit down to bring your dream and vision to life. Our design expertise and horticultural background will supplement your requests, ensuring a quality and long-lasting landscape to fit your needs. 

Taking into consideration soil, light and micro-environment conditions,
we recommend overall layout, functional space and plant options. We seek to incorporate a variety of textures, colors and features, including water features and hardscapes.